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This “true” hydrogen machine is vastly superior to any alkaline water ionizer in the world. Unlike alkaline water ionizers, the HIM2 incorporates four unique processes that allow for the production of consistently high concentrations of molecular hydrogen water across a wide variety of source water conditions including both soft and hard water.

First, the water cell of an HIM begins with a miniature, technologically-advanced RO-like system which supplies calcium-free water to the electrolysis process. This is important because limescale formation impedes the ability of the electrodes to produce high levels of dissolvable molecular hydrogen gas on a consistent basis. Calcium and magnesium caught by the RO membrane are returned to the filtered water supply later in the process in the Hydrogen Diffusion Unit of the water cell.

Second, the HIM water cell has a PEM (Proton Exchange Membranes) which allows the unit to produce H2 without creating high alkaline and high acidic water like electric water ionizers. This is important because neutral pH water won’t cause limescale to form “downstream” in the system after the newly formed hydrogen is infused back into the filtered water supply. This is an important advantage over the new “alternating current” systems being utilized by alkaline water ionizers which are unable to prevent the formation of limescale “downstream” once the elevated pH water passes the plates in the electrolysis chamber.

Third, the PEM contains SPE (solid polymer electrolyte) which allows the PEM to conduct electricity. The ability of the unit to conduct electricity independent of the conductivity of the source water allows the unit to consistently produce high concentrations of dissolved hydrogen gas regardless of the source water. This creates another important advantage over alkaline water ionizers which must rely upon alkaline minerals in the source water which is often not the case. The independence from source water conductivity gives the unit a game-changing advantage under soft water conditions.

Fourth, the final stage of the unit is a unique dissolving chamber which infuses the highly concentrated hydrogen gas back into the filtered drinking water. The electrolysis chambers of alkaline water ionizers are capable of producing H2, but they DO NOT have any mechanism to dissolve the H2 into the water.


  • Unit Price: Despite the superior performance of the HIM2 to any alkaline water ionizer, the price tag of $2,000 is 17% to 50% lower that the leading brands of electric water ionizers
  • Performance: The HIM2 produces therapeutic concentration of H2, up to 1.2 ppm or higher at the pre-set flow rate of 1.1 liters per minute
  • Setup: Hook up a diverter to a tap, connect a water supply hose to the machine, and plug it in. The process only takes a minute or two
  • Use: Just push a water glass or bottle against the level. That’s it. No buttons, no settings. Just push the level like you would at a soda dispensing machine at a fast food store
  • Appearance: The unit is attractive and compact. Requires only 6 inches of horizontal counter space.
  • Filter Replacement: Annual filter replacement is easy. Remove two screws and slide the side panel off, tilt the filters towards you, twist the filters ¼ turn and dispose. Install the new filters with a reverse quarter turn, tilt the filters back into place and replace the side panel and screws
  • Filter Cost: The annual cost of filter replacement is slightly over half the price of the leading alkaline water ionizer brand
  • Filtration Details: The two filter system (carbon and ultra filter) remove:
    • 0.2 micron absolute filtration (there is a huge difference between absolute which means no larger than versus nominal which you see everywhere which means on average)
    • >99% Chloramines (based on 3pmm challenge-NSF/ANSI Std 42)
    • >99% Lead (based on NSF/ANSI Std 53)

as well as reducing: Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chlorine, Chromium (III, V) Copper, Cysts Glyphosate, Mercury, Nickel, Radionuclides, Silver, Trihalomethanes and Zinc