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The sale of molecular hydrogen (H2) products has become a billion dollar industry in Asia, but the story is virtually unknown in America. That is about to change.

Unlike the alkaline water story which never received support from the scientific or medical communities, more than 700 independent research studies and review papers have been published in support of the health benefits indicated in more than 170 diseases.

What does the backing from the scientific and medical communities mean to you? It means the H2 story can be shared with family and friends with 100% confidence that your products are providing health benefits. It also means that you will NEVER have to apologize in the future when a chemist or doctor exposes myths that you were lead to believe by marketing people.

At H2FX, we believe that the best way to reach one’s potential is to be armed with scientific facts and the truth. Working from a strong base of knowledge allows you to follow your convictions with passion.

At H2FX, there is ZERO tolerance for BS (Bad Science). The hydrogen story stands on its own merits without the need for myths, lies, or fabrication of the truth.

Instead of leaving you to your own devices to find “creative” ways to sell H2FX products, we help you learn the science behind how and why hydrogen gas is so important to your health before you ever get started. The education process never stops with H2FX as you will receive weekly updates on new research, industry news, new products, as well as links to new H2 MINUTES video that our President Tywon Hubbard creates every week.

H2FX: Creating the best educated sales team in the world. H2FX is dedicated to providing the very best in training and ongoing education to everyone involved with the company. At H2FX, we don’t just talk about education. Successful completion of two levels of education is mandatory before you ever begin and weekly updates will keep you informed about “everything H2” in the future.

The Importance of Respect:
Respect is not a word often heard in the Direct Sales industry, but it is crucial to the success of H2FX.

  • We respect the truth by sticking to the science and focusing on education.
  • We respect our customers by telling the truth without embellishment, and by offering the best H2 products on the market at competitive prices
  • We respect our team by providing extensive education and paying the commission to the person making the sale. At H2FX, there are no Up Lines To swallow up commissions on your hard work. In fact, the only person getting paid besides you on your sales is the person who educates you and Mentors you along the way.

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  • The H2FX Quiz of 65 FAQ based questions prepares you for customer interactions
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