Why Choose HIM2

Deciding which water machine to buy has always been a confusing process.

The confusion is understandable, because all of the alkaline water ionizer companies offer slight variations of the same product that was created more than 30 years ago. Every alkaline water ionizer is based upon simple electrolysis.

Now the choice is simple.

The HIM2 is a new product designed for home use that is based upon leading-edge technology that has proven over 3 years in commercial applications to produce consistently high concentrations of molecular hydrogen across a wide spectrum of source water conditions. 
The HIM2 sells for 17% to 50% less than the leading alkaline water brands despite being superior in all of the following metrics:

1. Hard water: No problem:

The HIM2 has a nano-filter 1st stage in its water cell which bypasses the calcium and magnesium found in source water past the electrolysis stage in its water cell. The calcium and magnesium are redirected back into the water supply before you drink the water. That means the HIM2 will not form limescale on the plates which renders alkaline water ionizers ineffective at producing dissolved H2 unless they are cleaned once a week.

2. Soft water: No Problem:

The Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) incorporated into the second stage electrolysis chamber of the HIM2 is made with a Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) which is capable of conducting electricity. Don’t worry about the fancy words.

The bottom line is that the HIM2 will operate efficiently at producing therapeutic concentrations of dissolved H2 with or without the presence of alkaline elements in the source water. Alkaline water ionizers must rely upon the presence of alkaline elements (calcium, magnesium, sodium) in the water to produce H2 which becomes a problem in many areas.

3. Neutral pH:

The PEM in the electrolysis chamber found in the second stage of the HIM2’s water cell allows the water to remain at the same pH level as the source water. That means the calcium found in source water won’t precipitate out of solution and form on downstream components (valves, connectors, tubing) or in your drinking glass or storage containers which is the case with alkaline water ionizers.

4. Better tasting water:

The HIM2 incorporates two filters inside the unit. The first filter is a carbon filter that removes chlorine, taste, and odor which is similar to many of the alkaline water ionizers. The real difference in taste comes from the ability of the HIM2 to produce hydrogen without raising the pH of the source water. Alkaline water ionizers must create high levels of pH in order to produce therapeutic levels of H2 which means they often begin to develop a metallic taste which is particularly noticeable if the water sits for awhile or is served at room temperatures.

5. Better filtration:

The HIM2 ultra filter is a true ultra filter which is vastly superior to the “ultra” filters offered as an upgraded filter by some of the alkaline water companies. Ultra filtration is defined as the ability of a filter to remove particles greater than 0.2 microns absolute filtration. However, there is huge difference between Absolute filtration and Nominal filtration. Absolute means that no particle larger than the stated level of filtration can get past the filter. Nominal means that the filter is capable of filtering the stated size of particle under ideal conditions.

The HIM2 ultra filter provides absolute filtration which means it will not allow any particle larger than 0.01 microns (bacteria, cysts etc) to pass through the filter into the drinking water. The “ultra” filters offered by the alkaline water ionizer companies provide Nominal ultra filtration which means that they are potentially capable of providing 0.01 micron filtration, but they may be allowing much larger particles (as high as 5 microns) through the filter into the drinking water.

6. Easy to use:

The HIM2 can be hooked up to a water tap in a couple of minutes. Once you plug the HIM2 in and turn the water on, you are ready to use your machine by pressing a glass or bottle against the handle. No testing or adjusting levels. No weekly cleaning of the water cell required. No need to ship units back to distribution centers for an annual “deep cleaning”

7. Environmentally responsible:

The HIM2 is more efficient at producing dissolved H2, which means it uses significantly less energy than standard EWI's (less than 100 watts). Also, because the HIM2 does not produce any acidic waste water, it uses about 30% less water to produce the equivalent flow rate of an EWI.